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Jump start special


HEALTHY COOKING CLASSES are held once a month in MyHomeKitchen in Carol Stream or scheduled based on needs in your home or MyHomeKitchen.  Learn how to set up your weekly meals and how you, too, can prepare healthy and delicious meals for the week. 



PERSONAL TRAINING is designed to meet the specific needs of individuals who choose to commit themselves to total fitness and well-being.  Your trainer will design and conduct, safe, effective, and highly motivated sessions in your home, in MyHomeGym in Carol Stream or a studio in Bloomingdale Illinois.   Fees vary dependent on time, need and location.  

CORPORATE TRAINING is an excellent benefit to offer your employees.  A YOUnique staff member will provide a qualified and effective workout before, after or in the middle of their work day.  Various workouts are available and are designed for all fitness levels. 

In turn, your company will reap the benefits by greater productivity, improved morale and energy and lower insurance claims. 

Also available are seminars, workshops and on-line training to help guide your employees to live a Daily Healthy Lifestyle!

On-line training is designed to meet the specific needs in order to achieve your fitness/life goals.  You will be held accountable by corresponding with your trainer weekly.  Together you will compile your own personalized success journal in order for you to achieve your goal(s).  Personalized nutrition and workout programs will be made or modified for you monthly along with a weekly check-in day.  Whether you are a beginner, in a current fitness regimen or currently have a trainer - why not try this approach.  Type your paragraph here.

NUTRITIONAL COUNSELING and SPORTS NUTRITION is designed for YOUR needs.  Whether your goal is to lose weight, to train for an event, excel in sports or just need some guidance in order to reach your goals - a nutritional makeover is for YOU!  



MOVE, PUMP and FUEL all go hand-in-hand in order to achieve a Daily Healthy Lifestyle!  The jump start special is $150 and includes;

fitness assessment, nutritional counseling and a start-up program designed for YOU!   

TRAINING Services: